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Mortgage loans to multi-property transactions

Real estate law is a complex area. We work diligently with individuals, insurance companies and lending institutions as they navigate legal waters. Our attorneys will work with each client to develop a clear strategy, and move forward to achieve that goal in a cost-effective manner.


We are experienced in every kind of real estate financing transaction, from simple, "plain vanilla" mortgage loans to the most complex, multi-property, multi-jurisdiction financing and tax-driven transactions.

Residential and Commercial contracts

We can negotiate and prepare both residential and commercial contracts and leases. Most lease disputes revolve around either the lease agreement itself, lack of rental payment, or some problem with maintenance of the property.


 •  Purchases / closings

 •  Contracts / leases

 •  Refinances

 •  Residential / commercial

Personalized legal representation

We offer an exceptional level of personalized legal representation. We provide our clients with personal service across the wide range of real estate matters. It is important to have a skilled attorney working to ensure your best interests are protected throughout the process.

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