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No-Fault Services

A patient comes into your office with injuries sustained from an automobile accident. You

as a healthcare professional are entrusted with the welfare of that patient. You examine and treat that patient until the patient has received the maximum benefit from your services. Subsequently, you submit a bill to the insurance company for payment for the necessary medical treatment your

company has rendered and even though you have followed the procedures set forth by the NYS

Insurance Regulations and the Workers Compensation guidelines, you nevertheless receive a ‘Denial of Claim’ (NF-10) form from the insurance carrier denying your payment.


Or worst yet, your company receives an ‘Examination Under Oath’ request or some type of

ridiculous verification request. We are your solution, our firm specializes in ‘No-Fault’ recovery for

you the healthcare professional. Our firm is currently able to handle all of your ‘No-Fault’ collections

matters, either by ligation, arbitration or a combination of both, which ever process suit your individual financial needs.


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